core tip: this week the domestic and foreign domain trading continued last week at home and abroad have high heat, domain name, domain name enthusiasts with creative and good luck one meter broke out rich interesting, in addition to investors, enterprises purchase the domain name case to attract attention.

This week

, the domain name market fire is not decreased, continued trading last week "enthusiasm", both at home and abroad have high transaction domain name, domain name enthusiasts with "creative" and "good luck", a meter outbreak tale of particular concern, this week the domain name investors entrust platform sell the domain name, the domain name acquisition terminal business case this week, the transaction information to grab the eye, there are pictures and the truth, then to map a brief analysis of the next week to the domestic domain name dynamic.


this week in the industry a strong concern is Sina’s $620 thousand to buy the domain name Home Furnishing industry, the domain name has been enabled, the page Jump to the Sina Locke estate e-commerce channel, Sina big moves again to buy Home Furnishing real estate domain, or another domain name Home Furnishing real estate industry boom. In addition, for sale of digital domain news in the industry launched a "thunder", is the focus of the website’s ylmf development, the industry had did not disclose relevant information, site will be shut down (this message let me excited little darling!).

ylmf in this week’s issue more than one anecdotal, ylmf name another need domain name will be easy to master the news, according to informed sources, the domestic enterprises to spend 5 million won the domain name. At present, the identity of the buyer is the highest voice of Chery (Chery QQ car and a heaven-made match!!!). Another in the industry caused the industry crazy fans will sell Google notebook 2 million 500 thousand domain name domain name, were especially popular, only registered 4 months out of the new domain name transaction price is still the first (on the Internet and a "one meter" upstart I didn’t hit my luck ah). Today, the industry came to a mysterious Taobao product "Lake" beta exposure, Lake phonetic domain is now the Alibaba holdings, industry insiders speculated that Alibaba may take the "Lake" to enter the market for micro-blog micro-blog (see the main light! Micro-blog is unable to resist the temptation).

overseas market optimism this week trading market, then the price transaction domain name, the domain name on consignment sales to $500000 a week in overseas trade list, "Yi" domain name for $96000 (620 thousand yuan) price ranked second, buyers are in the Sina company, abbreviation short domain name for $75000 ranking third, this week to become the "dark horse", this week, the national domain name again to create a good deal, in addition, this week the domain name to 1> personality

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