recently, the reporter was informed that the first Xiamen portal – Xiamen network ( will debut "Discuz! Ten anniversary of the opening tour FuZhou Railway Station activities, and the opportunity to seek and Discuz! For more in-depth and more open cooperation, and strive to create a network of Xiamen province and the influence of stress wave and Fujian Taiwan area network media.

is reported that the Xiamen network was founded in 2007, sponsored by the CPC Xiamen Municipal Committee, Municipal Propaganda Department, Xiamen daily news and Xiamen radio and Television Group Co hosted. Up to now, the rapid development of the site, has established forty channels, in Xiamen and southern Fujian to publish the most accurate, the most comprehensive and authoritative news. Every day there are nearly 200 thousand Internet users log in Xiamen network, more than 400 thousand members of the site.

technical director Gao Jie said, Xiamen, its history is not long, but after several years of development, its influence began to highlight, especially across the community, has become Xiamen’s "spiritual home". Members of our forum has been growing steadily year by year, members of the increasingly strong stickiness."

talked about Xiamen and Discuz! The fate, Gao Jie stressed, "I want to China most personal webmaster in site when the first choice would be Discuz!, Xiamen is also a network by comparing the market share index rate and system stability in the final" finalized "of Discuz."

Gao Jie said, Xiamen is from November 2008 began to use Discuz! Forum, including X-Space blog system, SupeSite system, UCenter Home added in 2009 as the Xiamen network dating platform, in 2010 September on the line micro-blog CTT system. It can be said that the current interactive platform Xiamen network are Kang Sheng series of products. "Kang Sheng company in the field of community focus, professionalism and dedication is commendable, we believe that only focus on professional, only persistent development."

future, Xiamen network is still the core competitiveness of news and information, and pay close attention to the new changes in the Internet, especially in the field of mobile internet. Gao Jie said, "this time Discuz! Open tour FuZhou Railway Station activities, this is to seek more cooperation opportunities and Discuz!, a more thorough understanding of Discuz! Cloud platform and other new products, and strive to interactive mode of communication channels, the website in the contents of the package form, do more innovation and achievements, further Xiamen network in the" Fujian Cultural Circle "in influence the spread of power." (text / Wei Xia)

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