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China foreign ministry lashed out the U.S. government accused of China Internet freedom, the other two government agencies, the Information Office of the State Council and the Ministry of industry and information technology have also joined the battle".

two department 24 days to accept Xinhua News Agency reporters interview form, have focused on the response to the current focus of the two major issues: the office of the state on counter China "restrict network freedom", the Ministry of China denied government involvement in hacking.

in the attack on the United States, while the two sector spokesman said, is willing to strengthen international exchanges and cooperation in the management of the Internet and fight against hackers.

barge Chinese government involvement in hacking

‘s new office spokesman claimed that the China protection of free speech on the web in accordance with the law, the protection of intellectual property rights, protect the healthy growth of minors, it is forbidden to use the Internet to subvert state power, undermining national unity, inciting ethnic hatred and ethnic separatism, promote the cult and spreading obscenity, pornography, violence and terrorism information. The spokesman said that China legally dispose of these harmful information has sufficient legal basis, and the so-called "restrictions allow all doubt, the network is completely free" have no relevance between.

spokesman also said that China and the United States, many countries, including the exchange of experience in the governance of the internet. Facts show that China’s Internet management according to law, the relationship between national security and social stability, the relationship between national sovereignty, dignity and the fundamental interests of the people. "We firmly oppose that despite the fact that one, in the management of the Internet on Chinese, ignore the law and accuse China Chinese interference in its internal affairs." He said.

According to the "

Chinese government involvement in the hacking of the accused, the Ministry spokesman said on or bright or dark way, accused of" Chinese government involvement in hacking is unfounded, is to discredit the Chinese behavior, we resolutely oppose. "We are willing to carry out extensive and in-depth exchanges and cooperation with the rest of the world in the fight against hacker attacks and other crimes." The spokesman claimed.

the US search engine Google Corporation in January 12th claimed to have been hacked, and against censorship as the famous words from Chinese. U.S. Secretary of state Hilary · Clinton; 21 on the "Internet freedom" speech, which talked about China Internet policy, accusing China of restricting Internet freedom, then, to give a strong response to china.

ensure online ideological security

in fact, on the third day Google incident, China convened the twenty-third national anti pornography television and telephone conference. The meeting is very important, the general idea of the Central Foreign Affairs Office Deputy Director Qian Xiaoqian described the 2010 Online Pornography work in point is: to ensure that the online ideological and cultural security.

Qian Xiaoqian pointed out that in 2010 the online pornography work mainly included strengthening of search engine website management, according to the "

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