Extended reading: after 5sing or WO99 cannot access the domain name customers to suspend the analysis of original music base 5sing controversy: the reoccurrence predicament domain strong?

renamed China (eName.cn) June 23rd hearing, it is reported that, according to the "5sing China original music base can not access the site of the incident, yesterday morning @ special investment studio announced in Sina micro-blog said," 5sing is blocked, not the so-called fault ", with 35 Internet related mail screenshot exposure the so-called truth. Currently 5sing official did not explain this, the authenticity of the information has yet to be further refined.


figure: micro-blog information

it is understood that, as early as last week, 5sing domain name 5sing.com, it was registered in Xiamen 35 Internet technology to suspend processing, the domain name is clientHold. At the same time, customers can not open the cover of WO99.com, people can not help but think of them and the national "anti pornography · net net 2014 special action related. And @ micro-blog studio this article is to attract thousands of users onlookers hot.


mail screenshot

From the exposure of the

mail screenshot, 35 Internet said, according to the Ministry document required by the State Press and Publication Administration found that your site 5sing.com does not hold the "information network dissemination of audio-visual programs permit", and the spread of harmful audio-visual programs, request stop DNS, is now operating.

this, netizens think, although a great loss, but if it is to combat piracy, copyright act to stop 5sing, then support; it was also said that the 5sing is blocked, "both the client and the collapse. Bo Bo said the fault, a week has not yet moved; support the truth, I hope to be able to do the card down earlier; 5sing said it is not in the maintenance of user loss it, but also holding a little hope.



micro-blog screenshot

and @ micro-blog studio is still this article micro-blog comments, when 5sing.com to restore the resolution, or 5sing progress, when I delete. It said that when the new micro-blog, 5sing original district manager Yelolo commented, but then deleted, indicating that they can not deny my evidence.

for netizens collective attack, which was just released micro-blog said, quickly find the authority who let them nod releasing! In this rumor blind maintenance, what is the use? Currently, 5sing official did not respond to the micro-blog event. >

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