news April 27th, answers community know peace yesterday evening sound in its official micro-blog, to "know uncle" and "know God, know almost sister", "know the sauce" and "we all love to know" and a series of micro-blog account, long text, screenshots and other forms, not authorized reprint or station answer. Know the statement said, for this obvious infringement, tort liability has commissioned a lawyer related micro-blog account operators.

know the marketing account

sued micro-blog infringement

know almost deliberately selected in April 26th, the World Intellectual Property Day issued a statement of rights, in order to cause everyone’s attention to intellectual property rights.

knows the site opened in December 2010, Li Kaifu received the investment after three months, one year after receiving Chuangtou nearly ten million U.S. dollars. Know that in the past the use of invitation system registration. In March 2013, almost open to the public registration. This previously formed by the Internet elite circle open to the public, and gradually gave a new knowledge of the function – reading the answer, the output answer. Therefore, know almost have a large number of user generated content, the content as close to the industry hot and close to daily life, very easy to cause the formation of resonance point of explosion, so part of the micro-blog marketing account will borrow the name of known reprint.

TechWeb in micro-blog search "or" click "find" option, in the first row of the known official micro-blog, followed by God, know almost know almost paste, we all love to know, know almost sister V, micro-blog.

know last night said in a statement, as a serious and professional knowledge, friendly discussion community, to encourage users to know almost free of content creation and sharing of knowledge, also hope that every original wisdom can be respected and return to the maximum extent. Almost everyone has been in communication with sina micro-blog user rights generation, close the issue of plagiarism micro-blog marketing number, based on the diversity of copyright protection platform side of the existing results failed to meet the legitimate demands of the original.

in order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of users and know themselves, for obvious infringement in several complaints to the micro-blog invalid, has commissioned a professional lawyer, the follow-up to the possible civil, criminal and administrative means to combat infringement, tort liability related to micro-blog account operators, and within the limits of knowledge continues to assist depending on the user to safeguard its legitimate rights.

TechWeb as of press time, the statement reproduced micro-blog know the number of over 7000, more than 2 thousand and 400 comments, activist demands popular comment one-sided support is known, many netizens said already mentioned in the statement of infringement to pull the black marketing account.


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