on Tuesday, New York health food takeaway startups Freshly announced $21 million B round of financing. Freshly had previously received $7 million A round of financing, the B round of financing is the lead investor Insight Venture Partners, has invested in the company’s previous two VCs also participated in the round, they are Highland Capital Partners and White Star Capital.

Freshly for each takeaway price of $11, from the price point of view, they seem to be no different from other food takeaway. However, the company CEO Michael Wystrach and his co-founder Carter Comstock (see below) believe that Freshly is still somewhat different. For example, unlike private kitchen food takeaway O2O platform Blue Apron, Freshly does not require any cooking meals, you need only in the microwave oven or on the stove heating can; in addition, Freshly does not provide the traditional on-demand catering delivery service, but will be a week to disposable food.

Wystrach said: "we think on-demand takeaway service, in fact, the market is now available on demand services slightly different. For example, if you want to use toothpaste, toothpaste has a person to pass in front of you, this is a kind of on-demand service? We don’t think so, we think, when you want to use toothpaste when, out of the box and can at any time. So, fill the box with toothpaste is the real on-demand service. Similarly, when people are hungry, you will be hungry, but you do not need to wait for the takeaway."

not only that, with the development of time, we will see the technology gradually integrate into the food industry, thanks to technology, can let us understand each user, know what they love to eat food, do not love what food to eat, to help us achieve better self quantification.

In Wystrach’s view,

‘s competitors are not tech start-ups, but traditional restaurants and food stores.

Wystrach once because of weight loss and to develop their own healthy diet, it is with this experience, let him have found the idea of Freshly – he put the services provided by the Freshly user metaphor of a "private nutritionist", tailored to each user healthy delicacy.

at present, the company offers more than 250 thousand meals per month for the 28 states across the country, the user can choose meals (starting at $11.5) a week, you can book six days of food (bookings more meals, the average price will be lower). Freshly offers a large menu, allowing the user to select a specific food – each food contains healthy protein and vegetables, and no added artificial sugar and gluten material >

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