In the

era, strange and eccentric products emerge in an endless stream, each of these products to attract users attention, causing users to appear the visual and sensory fatigue, more and more people for fear of products that day to "steal" pockets of wealth shunned, then led to the sale of goods merchants have become increasingly difficult.


is known as "free" for everyone’s attractiveness. No matter what it is, no matter whether people really need it, as long as it is free of charge, some people will rush to go. So some people think the use of the natural human nature, selfish start free marketing, so that now whether it is online, or on the Internet, a variety of free marketing papering a wave of users most willing to purse. This free online marketing survey fell we also very familiar, such as a supermarket, let users set up free tasting trial counter. In the road next to the establishment of brand-name health care products, health tea for free drink and so on. So today we will explore together on the Internet, how people play free marketing it?

first of all because the virtual world inside the Internet, low operation cost, makes free marketing themselves more here. Here we show one by one.

first, the user is free – advertisers pay

This kind of mode of

online we have loved, we watch TV and listen to the radio is we do not need to spend their own money, through television commercials in TV to charge. On the Internet we browse NetEase, Sohu, blog, forum posts and so do not need us to spend money, a lot of personal websites are also through advertising to get income.

on the Internet some mainstream search engine Baidu, Google, YAHOO and other users is free, advertisers pay, those who need to promote advertisers need to give money to the search engine, the search engine will advertisers site search results in a user’s home page.


two, consumers free – merchants pay

this free mode is now common in the mainstream B2B platform, such as Tmall, Ali China factory, HC and other sites. Common foreign businesses in the website to hang their products, when there is a buyer of the seller of the product advisory messages and other businesses, to view and reply to the consumer information must give money to see. Consumers can freely browse any of the above business products.

is more famous in the domestic Tmall Taobao, sellers want to hang their own products on this platform must pay platform fees, consumers can browse free of charge.


three, free of charge – follow-up service charges


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