the current mainstream domestic micro-blog Sina micro-blog micro-blog micro-blog Tencent and NetEase, but one of the most fire or non Sina micro-blog is? Why? Is the first Sina micro-blog micro-blog in the field of big brother, share opportunities, status is arrogant. Secondly, the number of people playing sina is still the most talked about, even with Tencent and NetEase two micro-blog platform competition, but still can not shake the position of sina micro-blog big brother. Therefore, Sina’s micro-blog research team is also the most massive fans.

marketing for micro-blog, in fact, a lot of people are familiar with the. Some experts generally prefer to use this promotion, then what is the key point of this promotion? In fact, the most critical point is the effect of micro-blog forwarding. As long as we have the effect of forwarding, then the entire micro-blog promotion can basically be called success.

micro-blog promotion has basically realized the software model, I believe that for this we are very clear. Many experts in the promotion of the use of the software is already quite skilled, and one of the most acclaimed than has been the first to occupy the ranking of the Bo micro-blog forwarding software.

for some of the new promotion, the initial understanding of the advantages of micro-blog promotion often have no way to start, but as long as we use the Bo software, then these are not difficult. In fact, today’s micro-blog forwarding software itself has become a leader in the industry, for this we still recommend that we targeted understanding. Use the brush when the micro-blog software we can get a really good effect, and when we don’t need to use the software in the network knowledge, full automatic operation fool let you easily. In fact, the use of micro-blog to promote the way there are direct benefits, which is the first rate of spread faster, some of the spread of the spread. In addition, with the improvement of our micro-blog attention. It’s also a private media we can use for a long time. He can also increase positive micro-blog forward comments, positive comments, positive impact, to improve the click through rate and conversion rate!

like stars by increasing the number of comments forwarded to increase micro-blog micro-blog interactive, interesting, create huge interactive fans group


some of the grassroots reds, micro-blog uses micro-blog increase Reds forward comments to increase micro-blog popularity and interaction, increase micro-blog transfer rates, greatly increase the micro-blog advertising single frequency and single amount of


is a personal micro-blog can also use micro-blog increase in the number of comments forwarded to increase micro-blog’s popularity, this is called micro-blog B artifact

can also be specified Master fans, can choose to increase the Master fans, fans can be set Master ratio, this software can increase the number of fans of the fixed set every day, so if you intend to calculate daily increase of 100 fans, a month increase of 3000 fans, you do not need to publish your daily tasks, only need one-time set to 3000 fans, a daily increase of 1>

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