this is a very typical case of WeChat O2O marketing, where the program strategy can give everyone engaged in WeChat O2O some inspiration. In particular, to understand that WeChat marketing is a kind of marketing communication, as long as the serious reduction of its essence, and to be applied to the marketing point of view, you can achieve a certain effect. This case applies to any medium, small, micro enterprises, including individual operations.

a project background

a businessman engaged in soil egg business, where the provinces and cities for the second tier cities, the early operation of the main wholesale to join, do not do retail, and farmers in the wholesale market has a fixed shop to do wholesale. Faced with the business situation is: capital constraints, lots of bad, the line did a lot of advertising, online advertising is not done a lot, but did not achieve a good effect. But it has accumulated a number of fixed users, can barely maintain the operation of the store, and have accumulated soil egg acquisition channels do not want to give up. Now want to try the mobile internet.

two project analysis

main features: the industry niche industry, competition is small, but the customer base is small.

main disadvantage:

main market environment interference factor is the feed egg posing as soil eggs, to fight people’s confidence in the soil eggs, so that the purchase of the crowd have doubts.

main advantage:

the business is indeed a pure soil eggs, and people’s demand for highly nutritious soil eggs in the rapid growth of the purchasing power of the crowd is increasing. Old customers on the quality of the soil egg products more loyal, easy to repeat the purchase.

three market research

through a month of market research. We have the following information:

first, the current number of real eggs on the market rarely. To feed eggs, half put chicken eggs posing as more eggs.

second, I present the businessman’s native egg sales downline for some small grocery stores, small supermarkets and vegetable grain stores, the real egg was casually piled up in the soil near the egg feed, often consumers are not so relieved. Worried about whether the eggs have expired, or is not a real egg, etc..

third, the general needs of the user groups of soil eggs are mainly: pregnant women, infants, children, the elderly, there are a number of places more emphasis on the health of middle-aged people. This is the stability of the local residents in the main housing, migrant workers lack of purchasing power significantly. Direct purchase of the purchase of eggs for the family of women and young people who give gifts more.

four previous business failures

the main problem is: positioning is not accurate, the wrong way of doing business.

1 in the lack of funds, the brand for the establishment of the case, simply to join the main wholesale, it is difficult to get the strength of the retailer’s recognition.


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