The effect of

in the traditional marketing way gradually Micro Internet marketing, so many companies see a slim chance of survival, bold adopters no lack of such people. Together with this phenomenon, the emergence of network marketing to the company a lot of overnight, many new modes of cooperation, although the company has also made a lot of smoke and mirrors.


, such as in the North Canton and other cities, the emergence of such as the results of the implementation of the pay, according to the sales performance and so on the new model of cooperation. We do not deny the innovation, which is similar to the pilot baldgood this really hard work with marketing company, but the trick is not a few customers. Today, we have three clever packaging, and very confusing network marketing trap one by one analysis.

a trap: the direction of pie not landing

such a phenomenon in fact as early as three or four years ago, the use of the current hot topic speculation concept to attract business owners to participate in various forms of network marketing training. This is the first general training routine, by telephone contact person in charge of the enterprise not to mind taking the trouble (mostly for small and medium-sized companies, let the boss) free audition carefully designed the course of marketing. In fact, the training process is the process of brainwashing, coupled with the active site of the atmosphere, many bosses finally obediently pay several million yuan to the class.


subsequently paid training, a detailed description of the various advantages of network marketing, supplemented by examples of how the implementation of network marketing, as well as the implementation will bring what kind of marketing. But it seems that the wonderful course, really put it up and found a lot of problems, eventually became a bunch of "right nonsense". Pilotage Bo King believes that similar refers to the direction of draw pie type of marketing training, network marketing transformation can offer some inspiration. Just listen to it, don’t be addicted to it, network marketing has its systematic and professional needs, planning the implementation of professional team.

trap two: Clap breast promised to write the execution results of

due to network marketing is relatively new things, people still have a certain degree of confidence, so some marketing companies to use their brains to pack their services. The offerings written guarantee, commitment to network marketing is a kind of common implementation results. Such lists offer implementation details, do the first few pages, keyword of how much, how many soft article do ask, relatively speaking this can reduce a lot of risk to customers, but also more likely to win customer recognition.


but in accordance with the agreed number of executed, is equal to the network marketing well? No, the ultimate aim of marketing is to enhance the performance of. The realization of the final effect, the need for a certain amount of execution to do support, but more complete data analysis and marketing planning. Although the key word to do up, soft Wen and Q & A also made a lot of, lack of attention is not transformed, what is the meaning of

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