now do stand many beginners, see statistics many times all the time, always can not worry about traffic

08 years the most concerned about the garbage collection is included in Baidu, because Baidu included means that they can bring their own traffic

In fact,

website traffic there are a lot of ways, not necessarily that must go to Baidu, and let Grandma Cry Daddy Baidu included your station.

actually in the very early days, figure Wang eldest brother has told us how to increase the site traffic

is now a lot of Traffic Exchange Union, but most of the garbage flow, there is a brush out of the traffic

the first recruit, you go to visit a number of Web sites, such as rankings of the site since the road station

started with no one to help you, yourself, see him a few minutes to refresh a few minutes, you have to click on a, if such a station will give you 10 IP, then you landed 10 such stations, is 100.

even Baidu included your site, and just started your permission is not high, the keyword did not go up, Baidu can give you 100 IP every day, which is also the reason for the red


second strokes to the Baidu post bar, know, if you have a good grasp of the day, thousands of IP is not a problem of

A third

web site favorites, to some of the big portal, then the collection of some of the things that the classic ", so as to increase their own chain and bring traffic.

fourth strokes forum, as far as possible to go to a number of forums, and then in their own signature on a little more time.

actually there are many ways to see how you can grasp, such as mass mail, etc…

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