has a experience of the webmaster, in addition to find a good location, do website optimization, there is a very important link is to write the soft push, do good is: raise awareness, increase external links two. Wang Tong often used this trick, and each time is very spiritual. Here I give you a look at the good software:


title is: understand the network will be launched simultaneously with the YAHOO

YAHOO search search Ma was refrigerated after more than a year, recently proposed version of the test, the home page on the right side there is a countdown, show how many days what will happen? According to the same department official said, will be in 4-20, will launch an official version, as for the official version of what we intend for. But at the same time, YAHOO search before Hu Yihu will also introduce its core staff to create the site thoroughly delicacy, the author points into the station into the home is also seen in a countdown time, and YAHOO search and officially launched at the time of the day. According to Hu Yihu said, "in the network is focused through the concept of food, service, to create a city consumer experience communication and aggregation platform. He also said a leave after always want to start your own business, after long consideration, sleep in eating a big market, so decided to do this by eating, to create one of the largest online largest city delicacy. So expect 4-20 is the network industry, let the new look we watched and thoroughly understand the network search!

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