technology news October 28th afternoon, had transferred $100 million financing for the Shanghai today held a strategic conference, announced the acquisition of 1 billion yuan D round of financing, valuation of more than 7 billion, do the domestic market ready.

according to sources, the investment includes hina, Softbank Kylinrey, Anhui new media, Marseille, China capital investment in the people’s livelihood, to shun funds, funds, gold in rock eight institutions. It provides data show that as of September 2015, more than 500 Shanghai signed a cooperation mechanism, cooperation teacher more than 2000 people, more than 90 million registered users, of which more than 70 million mobile end users.


founder and CEO Rui volt color said that the current Shanghai has completed the share reform work, and in the domestic market ready. Around the "platform + mobile strategy", Hu Jiang currently owns four business system, namely Hu Jiang, Hu Jiang network community, learning tools and Hu Jiang school, CC class two learning platform, covering K12, language, study, occupation and other fields of interest.

data show that Shanghai in 2007 by the Suzhou venture angel investment, 2009 Yongjin group million yuan A round of financing, in 2013 the Shanghai Cultural Fund led the $20 million B round of financing in 2014, Baidu led a $one hundred million C round of financing. (Zhou Xuedie)

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