Baidu promotion, is currently the mainstream of the Internet market integration marketing channels. Since it is the mainstream media promotion, can not avoid the fierce competition in the market, how to let advertisers find the precise customers, customers, retain customers locked form? This also follows the basic principles of integrated marketing, must use the best quality, the most personalized Baidu promotion product portfolio, do Baidu promotion comprehensive integrated marketing.

1, search promotion + web promotion

Baidu promotion promotion mode according to the different can be divided into: "search engine" and "site", "search engine" search promotion, "alliance website" that web promotion. In order to improve the transformation of advertising effect, search promotion and web promotion must form a "+" mode, make integrated marketing mode. The focus is the brand and web promotion activities show the exposure, and search marketing can further improve the precision of users, the conversion effect, combination, complement each other.

2, brand traffic + industry traffic

Baidu promotion for the brand and the industry developed a set of integrated marketing programs, and then launched a variety of products to promote. One of the most noteworthy is the brand traffic and industry traffic. For advertisers, not only pay attention to the brand reputation, and pay more attention to the brand reputation and bring value. While standing in the perspective of Baidu promotion, brand traffic area can not only improve the brand exposure, while improving the transformation of great help. Not only that, but also for the promotion of different sectors of Baidu private custom industry traffic area, with targeted marketing strategy, why not stay in the customer?

brand flow area: brand line, brand brand brand area table, avatar, etc., these are very worthy of recommendation of Baidu promotion products, advertisers can be customized according to the characteristics of the brand, but also can reference Baidu promotion service proposal.

industry traffic area: Baidu health, Baidu life, Baidu education, etc., to promote the promotion of Baidu products are medical promotion, education, marketing, Q & A. Marketing value: to improve the style of the show, to deepen the user’s influence on the product, the formation of 1+1> 2 of the combined marketing effect.

3, ordinary creative + Flash investment promotion

search engine is the Query requirement of the user to show the search results page, the exposure is show as a first step to search promotion, to attract users to click must is second steps, for this part of the strategy must be starting from the creation. Creativity directly affects the user clicks, improve the amount of clicks is rich in creative style, Baidu search promotion launched a variety of creative styles, combined with each other, complement each other.

4, PC + mobile terminal

users use the habit of the Internet, the acceleration of the transition from PC to mobile Internet, this trend is very rapid. For advertisers, in addition to the need to stand firm on the PC side, but also need to develop the mobile market. For Baidu promotion, the focus should be more inclined to move the end >

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