in the network industry veteran of 5 years, at least I know such a thing: more active, near a little success.

a few days before the customer come to me to complain, he said last year on the network effect is not very significant. However, he spent a lot of money: Baidu bidding YAHOO bidding Alibaba even find someone to do the site optimization (he is doing the business of steel pipe). I do not know if he is looking for a professional company to do the optimization, the reason why I saw his website is just a simple modification of the title description, do some messy external links. To do this, the rest of the time he is waiting for the phone, and so on.

I give him the result of the analysis is that we just do should do a few, we think the rest of the work is behoove customers to call him, but we should know that the "steel" in the industry, the Internet provider too much. In the middle of a large number of suppliers, we can only take the initiative to attack. I suggest that he installed on the site to discuss software, traffic statistics software, traffic statistics, I think we should be a necessary tool. Here we can detect the source of the customer search trends. I also installed a website search system, not just to provide customers with a simple search. I just want him to know what the customer is looking for, what the customer needs to find, the customer will look for?

whether we can from the Baidu benchmark tools like a little tiger smell inside what? pornographic prices the price of these words every day we watched their search data, if I tell you Chinese April 1st against Taiwan is not our webmaster to do what


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