a website built, how to promote is a very complex problem. There are many ways of network marketing, many of which can achieve double or even multiple effects. We might as well consider the reverse thinking.

simply said, the ultimate goal of a website is to obtain sales. Whether the purpose of the site is to create advertising, brand building or access to traffic, it is the ultimate goal of profit.

so, we start from the purpose, look at what the network marketing.

how to make the site to get a profit site to get a profit must have a huge flow, no flow is equivalent to a store without customers. So what kind of way to get traffic?

network traffic to get a lot of marketing methods:

1 search engine marketing, the site for SEO optimization, so that the site to get a huge flow of search engines, according to the survey, the site’s search engine traffic has been getting higher and higher proportion.

2 network advertising and PPC to buy online advertising and search engine advertising services, not only can quickly increase the flow of the site, but also bring a certain brand effect

3 information release for different audiences of the web site, the network resources integration, publish relevant information

4 network marketing based on


blog marketing blog marketing can bring authority and brand effect

network community marketing

RSS marketing

Wiki marketing

Digg website marketing

5 virus marketing and so on

network marketing a variety of ways, not a marketing method can get good results. Through the reverse thinking of network marketing to promote the site of the brand building, the site’s traffic and the final sales of the site is essential.

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