Q station location:

1, QQ space code decorated as the theme of the station to do.

2, QQ space production technology as the theme, to provide a tutorial to do QQ space station.

3, QQ signature, QQ personal notes, and QQ personality nickname (screen name) do stand.

4, QQ expression map do stand.

5, QQ log, touching the log, emotional article station.

Q station promotion method:

Q station is commonly used to promote small methods:

1, SEO, which is the promotion of any website can not do without

2, links, which is more than 90% sites using the method, that can bring some traffic, you can rely on the chain to enhance the search engine weight.

3, facial expressions, pictures, FLASH watermark, good communication.

4, Q group promotion, to all of the 80, 90 after the group to promote, or to establish their own QQ enthusiasts alliance group.

5, with the right side of the GG advertising to do 1-3 months. Baidu bid to do the same! The cost of 3000-5000 station month! The effect is very good.

Q station in the promotion of the comparison of the method:

1, viral marketing: the king said, viral marketing is not making the virus, spread the virus with advertising, but a similar poisoning killer like strong marketing. Such as: the production of a group of very popular QQ expression, plus your URL above, and then let these expressions in the Q people wantonly spread.

2, the development of small software to meet the people of Q, such as: QQ net name generator, QQ expression generator, Mars text converter, these requirements are more difficult. However, the effect is very good, light a traditional word converter, a day search volume of several W.

3, make a wish, love, beautiful beautiful page, the page can be achieved using viral marketing method is very good.

4, do some activities on a regular basis.

Q station promotion, details determine success or failure:

in the article content page to add the following, will allow you to double the traffic growth of

1, if you like this expression, please send to your friends.

2, if you like this signature, please recommend to your friends.

3, if you feel very creative, please reprint to your QQ space.

4, if you feel the article is very moving, please send to your friends.

Q station profit method:

Q station to rely on good advertising earnings, Q station to do a lot of advertising.

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