2012 is the Internet industry a year many dragons and fishes jumbled together, small and medium enterprises also face the bottleneck of network marketing, leading companies to try their own hands to achieve SEO, but most of them ended in failure, because there is no professional planning and implementation of was the major search engines including Baidu, Google, the punishment, right down. So we can set up the team for the establishment of enterprise search engine optimization mechanism, or help the Internet professional marketing company, in order to achieve the success of network marketing, but the first cost is relatively high, and can not see the return period of time, so the majority of small and medium enterprises will be considered in second ways, however, about the enterprise the implementation of SEO scheme is the key point to remember here:

1, target customer determination

from a large number of data can be summed up, companies in the start-up capital and the premise of the benefits, the choice is the goal of precision customers, precise flow, as far as possible the use of less investment in exchange for large returns. For example, the two words Dezhou website optimization and Dezhou SEO, Dezhou SEO search volume is high, but business owners do not understand SEO, it will not search for Dezhou SEO, the search words are in the same profession, but Dezhou website optimization, nature of the latter than the former conversion rate to be high, in the optimization of angle would be preferred consider the latter.

2, the expansion of the target keywords

most people will give priority to the core keywords, of course these words flow will be very high, but the difficulty in optimizing the angle and short-term benefits in terms of expansion, some flow, long tail keywords based on core keywords, optimization of the core keywords at the same time, increase the workload of expansion words, flow naturally copy, but these need professional people and professional tools to test, so in the long-term interests of enterprises from the point of view, not do not do, do you find professionals to do, and then realize the bigger, the amount of increase, a qualitative leap.

Connectivity between

3 and web pages

is a well-designed website will be considered correct and smooth user experience, guide users to find their own needs, click on the page at the same time, you will find that many are not familiar with the template will be in good standing in the search engine ranking, which is consistent with the perspective of the user experience at the same time. Baidu will also cause the crawler like; from the user’s point of view, this page or module can truly meet their own needs, will not through a variety of ways for the page or module, the natural combination, ranking naturally up.

4, keywords mobilization

Specific keywords

if a high index has brought a lot of traffic through search engines, but not so the slack replace keywords, because search trend change and social change quickly, so we can never guarantee a word will be consistent from beginning to end rich results, at the same time according to the analysis of a large amount of data, find the search amount the large and high conversion rate.

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