Hello! My Chinese name is Li Qiang. Email marketing is, many webmaster in one of the promotion methods, its low cost and high efficiency, but we send out the message, how to know what effect? How to track every email we send the effect? Here I talk about several methods.

the first method: through the VPS, server, using the unique set of flags to track

is the most commonly used, is to set up a small picture as the only sign of our time, in the group after the end of the log information we see our Apache or IIS in the background, the number of images to be read, is the number of our email is opened. Through this way to carry out the effective tracking of the effect of e-mail, the need is to have their own servers, the general virtual host, we can not see the Apache or IIS log information.

second ways: through the effective identification, using statistics to track

commonly used code is as follows: "< a href=" http://s.www.XXX.com/? Id=l23456" target=" _blank" > click here to visit the home page < /a>"

, "http://s.www.XXX.com", is our website, and "id=l23456" is our logo, "_blank" is the name of the link we want to open. After the message is sent, as long as it is open through this link, statistics on the website have helped us to record, Baidu 51la, cnzz statistics, statistics of the road as long as it is? At the beginning of the id=l23456, next is to visit our website by e-mail, we can, through the statistics, see clearly visitors to the US Open ", how many pages, how long to stay.

third methods: the use of mail read receipt for effective tracking

mail read receipt, the equivalent of a courier delivery to address customer requirements after signature. However, different from the mail or courier, they can also reject the receipt.

so, in many cases, we can use second methods to calculate the effect of our transmission. The Chinese name Li Qiang sincere dedication, welcome webmaster friends continue to pay attention to Chinese name Li Qiang’s article, the follow-up will be more exciting articles to share with you.

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