from the point of view of the viewer, do you like the full page ads, or there are more substantive content of the page?

obviously, you must choose the latter, this is It’s only human., this is the most simple user experience (User Experience, referred to as UE), which is the most direct impact on your web browsing of factors. In many cases, the user experience directly affect the success of your site. Do the necessary factors for a site to make money in a post, I did not mention the user experience, this is because in the site planning and site operation, the user experience is one of the most important factors, once do not good user experience, so you want to do a website to make money can only be empty.


in the general design of the web page, you must pay attention to several problems, the first is that you have to avoid your preferences, you need to know that you love something not everyone love, such as "color composition, your love and your" gaudy, filled with this color, then you will lose many of your potential customers, the reason is very simple, is that your colors make you lose confidence in your web browser, you know now that people love the simple colors, simple but not simple. You should consider the uncle to see the web design scheme, competitors do not copy, because it will let your visitors lose confidence, do further increase in his basis is the best way to keep your visitors. The second problem is that you have to make a lot of people at different levels to agree on your web page. As to explain your site’s success, because your heart captures the common features of all visitors, so as to attract more new visitors, of course, there are things like browsing or less for good, although interest is the biggest driving force, but the status of the network to alert users very high, no one will be counterproductive. It’s easy to catch people’s habits. First you have to think about what people around you are concerned about. Third more important, this is the analysis of your competitors, but also a test of your own observation. Usually see more of a competitor’s Web site, summarizes their advantages and disadvantages, must remember, don’t hit the stone egg, their advantage has lasted for a long time, it is difficult for you to beat them, see what they are not, then you go to improve, which will attract more visitors attention. Here is a very simple example, there is a small city, only a clothing market, if you open the clothing market, so you may lose money, but if you sell special clothing, then you must have a customer to shop to consumption, that is to say, you will need to convert weaknesses the competitors for their outstanding advantages, then show you see the visitors.


user experience generally includes four aspects: the funct> (1) (branding) 2 (usability)

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