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is really too much fire, the fire was in a complete mess, motionless on media reports and so did WeChat a year millions, certain enterprises do a WeChat annual turnover of 100 million yuan, this report also promoted WeChat more popular, the temptation is too large, more and more grass root and grass root began to join taking the micro force, fantasizing oneself also can through some day in the future, WeChat a year to earn a few million, more and more enterprises begin to use the WeChat product hype, to make their products overnight Huobian Chinese. However, a lot of friends and business there is no clear WeChat is a thing, what is the WeChat marketing, WeChat on the temerity to do, the result is how much hope and disappointment will have much.


Wu Longjie today and we talk about WeChat make money

chat before WeChat money, let’s look at what WeChat is? The instant communication tool of a mobile terminal, its function and role and PC is similar to that of QQ, and all belong to the same company’s products, Tencent.

Tencent WeChat was not to let everyone to do marketing, for the convenience of our customers and friends, communicate and exchange, is to subvert the traditional means of communication, but with the installed capacity of WeChat increasing, more and more people, those who engage in network marketing people planning to use WeChat to do marketing. In fact, any communication tools can be used to do marketing, from the earliest people to use telephone, SMS marketing (even now there are many companies still in use), now use QQ, WeChat marketing, all communication is the beginning of turnover.

but WeChat really as we mentioned before, a year earn millions a year turnover of 100 million yuan? The answer is yes, but we have to see who is making money so crazy people, who is the winner, in fact is that only a handful of people to earn so much money, most of my friends but WeChat is making money just a waste of time, fodder, lose money, blind toss, finally understand, oh, that money is their.

so who are the people who make money?

1 recruit agent

every day in a way to show how much money do micro business, the daily shipments are, how much money can be a few agents, then you can sell crazy money. Such groups are in disguise to sell their products in the form of wholesale sales agents, through wholesale products to make money.

2 to do the training of

media reports, great temptation, issued a few hundred single month, earn hundreds of thousands, the annual turnover of 100 million, more and more people and companies want to make money through WeChat, WeChat wants to develop the customer, even now there are a lot of friends want to micro business to earn the life first bucket of gold, so do not how to do it first, or spend money to learn.


these 2 groups of people who want to make money through WeChat money

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