said that this period of time is very hot, you must say Satsuki, lotus is also had to surrender chrysanthemums after the Double Ninth Festival, Xifeng, visible small month can be said to have done this Internet marketer a very nice marketing, so small month end is who? We can make nothing of it, then the the event concocted finally came out, in fact, baby no specific person, only the imagination of a class of people, like Lu Xun’s Q ah, so small month by personal scandal and BT get a high click rate is not representative now we have entered the era of ugliness

?In fact,

people for ugly love has been for many years, to the last century Chen Peisi, Zhao Benshan, Ge You, now Xiao Shenyang, plus the net holding red hibiscus, Xifeng and now baby, this does not say ugly people for love has reached an unprecedented height this is a few years, the reason why hibiscus, Xifeng and Xi Li Ge emerge in an endless stream, because these people can very ugly, let our people vulnerable psychological bring great comfort, so the baby now has become the network Reds!

from childhood on the event above can let us learn a lot of things, especially the network marketing, I will write my thoughts to share with you


: to grasp the user psychology, take

in the network marketing on the most important thing is to be able to read the user’s psychological, so how can we know what users want? First, according to their website content, and then do some research about the topic of today, look at the user and the idea, then you can on your website so that the processing of some original content. Just like her author, as long as can attract people’s attention, but also worry about the flow of the network is not hot


two: use the forum to promote the operation of

In fact,

small month events behind a huge push group, this is a masterpiece of the Internet, can make the click rate of broken million overnight, which not only requires careful thinking, but also need a team to plan, then through push waves, coupled with the use of popularity the forum is very high, has become a network of small month feast, so famous, her author is also famous, and baby related sites is famous, also worry that the flow of


three: consumer behaviour of website marketing

by ugly cultureHere the use of the

ugly culture is not to say that your web site is full of ugly things, but the use of this cultural phenomenon, to get traffic to the site, small month events is not reflected in this way? For our personal webmaster in society always see some offbeat and shocking events, such as some time ago the subway Superman and so on, but we capture the shocking side lens, can also make up some shocking figures, so that their own website popularity.

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