according to the search engine marketing professional organization (Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization) a survey report, this year in North America in the search engine marketing spending will reach $16 billion 600 million, an increase of nearly 14%, more than $14 billion 600 million in 2009.

one or two in the month of the survey of the 1500 marketing personnel and institutions, there are 49% plans to print advertising funds transferred to search engine marketing. In the hope to increase search engine marketing efforts in 36% said they are advertisers, funds from the direct mail transfer scheme, 24% to reduce the conference and Exhibition expenses, reduce the 23% other forms of Internet advertising.

Sara Holoubek (Chairman of the organization, the outgoing is referred to as SEMPO) said that the economic downturn caused by difficult market conditions, leading to the 2009 industrial development is relatively slow, this is the fourth quarter rebound significantly improved. This momentum continued until 2010, and we expect the market to return to a two digit growth in 2010.


survey shows that the sustained advantage of Google, 97% of respondents said they Google AdWords (by placing advertisements on the search results page) to advertise; 71% by Google paid to other websites to advertise; 62% institutions and 56% who said, Google key words expensive than last year; 32% advertisers hold such views on Yahoo, 29% holding such a view of Bing.

at the same time, the survey also showed that the rise of local search engine is the most important new trend, 85% of respondents believe that local search is of great significance or significance.

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