this article does not discuss the search engine optimization related skills, as long as the idea is to do the exchange of new ideas.

new web site construction has been one or two months, but the amount of visits is still relatively small when the mother is staring at the search engines every day to see the number of pages and counter included. From personal interest to that new or honest efforts from the original site, not to discuss how the quality of the article, write articles should not be a difficult thing, there are several aspects: one is the pure original two is the use of the views of others and their views on the three is the new things and new insights into the event.

, a professional use, some nouns may be present in the professional search engine included less, but can use these professional terms for long tail keywords analysis, to write an article on the define SEO article, because people use less so your site will soon be ranked.

two, the original, the original article whether old station or new search engines alike, the original article if there is a unique point of view, the development of the Internet in the Admin5: for example it will attract more attention to the new station to popularity in the industry.

three, the use of events, focus on the most popular events and events to the industry’s own observation. Publishing industry views from current affairs. For example, the recent Jia Junpeng, your mother calling you home "incident, cause has never been a climax in Internet marketing, bigsem has published an article on the same day to accompany the growth Jia Junpeng brothers and sisters" and now in a search on google sem Jia Junpeng will be able to find the bigsem website.

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