old Baba www.laole88.com just two months on the line less than, for the first time to the MM this is, this is my first love of advertising, has never done this before, what do not understand, MM good, smooth passage. A mother’s child is like a treasure.

then the problem comes, his own traffic is true. But not to vote for me. He had no law, to be on the MM that the exchange of learning, from getting to know some looks absolutely ignorant of, two, I feel the superficial is to add fine mother on the forum.

this morning a look, ah, there is a securities graphic site in my online cast a week of advertising, 10 yuan / week, should expire, ah, how still in the above?. Carefully check, oh, the original is a good thing, I put the price referred to 15 yuan / week, ah, he also bowled two weeks. This proves that people’s money is not white, my website for his benefit. This, I am really happy, not the problem of money, my station is not to rely on advertising for a living, is the recognition of the old music network, really a little excited ah!

summary of the experience of the last phase of the experience, for the new site of the standing friends reference:

one, on the website promotion:

new owners are most concerned about this issue, I talk about their feelings. Each webmaster may walk through this section of the road, looking for a variety of promotional site articles, books, look for a variety of promotional sites with the software, but because of the same approach, the basic results are not. My feeling is: promotion is necessary, but we are doing, and it is hard to promote the way, there is no unique things on the inside, look after others does not have the benefit of spam, a is a thankless task. I am a financial article "eastmoney.com wrote the festival market three from" before the Spring Festival, is the editor on the home page to add red title, three days 220 thousand people reading this article, think this is what effect, mentioned in this article to my site. And this is more targeted, ah, all valuable visitors. So, let others benefit of the article is the most powerful propaganda website.

two, let advertisers love with their own

Why did the

advertiser cast an ad for second times, the third time? Not everyone knows it, because it has seen the effect. Why your website can bring better results to others? I think the most important two points: first, the authenticity of the flow, this I do not say, this is the minimum criterion. Second points, the flow of gold content. A web traffic is how to, every day on the SEO search to the visitors? Maybe they just accidentally visited your site, perhaps is to check what to check your website, the next time will never come back again. This flow of value? Look, is ten thousand IP, but another website, more than half of people are repeat customers, new customers also continue into the back, the same traffic flow, but gold is totally different.


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