website promotion is the most love to talk about the topic for many webmaster, is also the site of the success of the most critical steps! From the forum for the promotion to toil level white-collar class soft Wen promotion, can be said to promote site owners to pay the outsiders do not understand, only many webmaster friends know sad promotion people ah.

today I want to talk about myself a little promotion skills, do not underestimate this trick ~ I can boldly to ensure that as long as you grasp the essence of this skill, to ensure your

is absolutely effective!

in fact this skill is really very simple ~ is to own as a girl. Of course, this is for the vast majority of male compatriots webmaster said, if you are a girl would not have had to pay attention to ~ is a girl, not all women can be called a girl here! I believe that many owners are aware of compatriots I mean, if you feel that you have to understand, here it is not necessary to see ~ ~

long ago I saw a piece of paper called Adsense nets page what female webmaster, click rate is not low ah. Write the webmaster I level can not be ignored, but if the name for a male webmaster what is a good article but not " & quot; female master came; attractive, this is " the girl " the advantage of

do not underestimate this little advantage ~ believe we all do the same to QQ promotion, advertising a group of different sex hair in the treatment of different but I have a deep feeling of ~ this is ah, I do a forum called antithetical couplet ( for the forum for community members is the most important I feel like the antithetical couplet! Love theme, the antithetical couplet should be very strong cohesion people don’t want to see many other group advertising play. But the result is still the same, I added nearly more than and 20 antithetical couplet group kicked me over again, the forum registered members but not what improvements can be said very little effect. Later, no way to change the QQ number again, when the female gender setting, the name is very feminine ~ like mass but contrast is too big, and the N group is still, and still occasionally send advertising play very ~ ~ no one To have a few groups directly in the group announcement for me to start advertising, and later I have done the passing of new sites are called ha ha, ha ha joke ~ ~ (, with the number of women to promote the effect is very good ‘!

don’t think the charm of women can play only in the group Oh, forum to promote themselves as " girls’ is also very useful, add some " in the thread; ~", " Oh; what is the " giggle; tone effect will be better. Women used to see for most people the virtual reality is chiruanbuchiying ~" not Huitie dead family " no " you must ~&> oh

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