network is highly developed today, the network media as an important marketing tool has become the basic consensus of liquor companies. However, these so-called consensus, in fact, is just stay in the primary stage, liquor companies rarely understand and grasp the network from the strategic height of marketing, not really stand in the perspective of network marketing to dig deep. They are more willing to put energy (including human and financial resources) put on television, newspapers, outdoor, frame and other traditional media marketing, network media for them at best a "spare tire".

micro-blog today spread such a message: CCTV insiders, CCTV stronger back liquor advertising has been identified, and is expected to be implemented after two sessions. Although the media pointed out that the possibility of CCTV fully repaying the liquor advertising is not big, but it is still very necessary to make an assumption, if the news is true, used in the CCTV advertising money burning wine enterprises will react, there are no plans to deal with this kind of CCTV? Once lost an important marketing channels, liquor brand how to maintain the image of

?Based on this

, the wine net Xiaobian will make a systematic collation and review from the tactical point of the liquor business network marketing tools and means, even the spare tire, but also to be a trustworthy spare.

first pointed out that the network promotion is not all of the network marketing, because it can not effectively meet all the marketing needs of enterprises. 3 era of network marketing should be systematic, continuous, accurate, effective, in the face of the impact of the network, the liquor industry marketing should also be innovative, and the need to establish a new way of communication between consumers. As with all other marketing, readers do not tangle with specific tools and means, focusing on the expansion of thinking and inspiration is the fundamental innovation marketing.

in order to explain the problem, small wine network marketing needs of the liquor business is divided into four levels: 1, sales demand and conversion rate of 2, exposure and visibility requirements 3, brand and reputation needs 4, industry and the need for social status, and according to the different needs of network marketing marketing tools and means of the corresponding level. It should be noted that, because there is no clear boundary between the level of marketing needs, therefore, the network marketing tools and methods in the practical application process should be coordinated with each other, with high and low.

one, focus on product sales and conversion rate

has such a demand for liquor companies are generally new enterprises or new brands, marketing is a pressing matter of the moment to get potential customers and return the pin money and quickly realize the product, this is approximately equal to the marketing promotion, according to the size of the enterprise marketing cost budget, may adopt the keyword promotion and information group.

1, keyword promotion

keyword promotion is generally refers to Baidu, Google and other mainstream search engine keyword bidding ads. When potential customers search for keywords in the search engine, your advertising information will be the first in the search results in the first few customers to see. As a result of these advertising information and guest

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