12, in A5 published an article entitled "poor promotion rule in" money first "deus ex", caused the majority of the friends of the station with said online poor webmaster promotion law, said the following line under the poor promotion law, hope that the majority of small owners have help in website promotion.

first, the flow of advertising law

I do is travel website, Shaoxing is a famous tourist city, after careful observation, Shaoxing tourism has two important characteristics: 1, human tricycle 2, wupengchuan, these two characteristics require the driver or the boatman, and coachman, boatman is older men play, generally from the countryside, now is the summer, all love to wear short sleeved loose T-shirt, I will be printed with a pig of Shaoxing travel LOGO T-shirt for free distribution to them, of course is two pieces of hair of different colors (usually one day wearing a second days to change), the quality of what it is suitable for work clothes, they are very willing to wear such clothes to work, but as I concerned, the cost at each 10-20 yuan, to 100 people per two is 2000-4000 dollars, with so little money It’s worth it to get so many free flowing ads that are much more expensive than online advertising or advertising in the media.

two, downtown


this is not to say that you held large-scale activities, this violates the original intention of money poor promotion, or in my case, Shaoxing has a famous night market, the flow of people in million people, can play a relatively small ads, then send some cheaper things, small gifts for example, one yuan / month, and then told them on a pig travel have the opportunity to get more and better gifts to humanity are greedy, even if a small thing to take is always good, say a pig network can get more gift is to let everyone can remember one more pig, a small advertising budget is as follows: General 200-300 block, a small gift to send 100 copies, slowly, to let more people pay more attention to it, held once a week, the cost at about 1200-1600.

three, elevator advertising law

we all know that although the property market has cooled, but hard to buy a house for people who get married or pretty much, but these people generally thought more open, to contact new things, it should be said that more than 90% worms, cannot do without network, imagine write advertising in these people living in the area of the elevator is what effect of a two promotion effect is good, some users may want to ask, these areas not to let these people engage in advertising, so what other things do you think you agree to have a future?! my idea is very simple, the new development areas are in need of renovation, the general elevator will use wood package, as long as you take a pen, clothes (as in area), in the elevator wood wrapped place to write "travel to Shaoxing on a pig network, I >

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