2010 the Spring Festival is coming, do not know whether you as a webmaster, want to take advantage of the holiday once a year do a promotion for their website? If the use of good, not only can play a promotion role, but also play the functions of SEO. Each festival is actually the opportunity, do you ever thought of the Spring Festival this opportunity to make better use of the characteristics of the Spring Festival? Consumer psychology determines the different forms of the usual holiday sales during the Spring Festival, it is worth looking forward to, feel the consumption era, the consumer buying habits have changed a lot, from the last in 90s the importance of commodity price today the homogenization time feeling of consumption, consumers are more and more with the "heart" of the desire, and the businessman elaborate build with the "heart" of the sale atmosphere, consumers will not consciously "genzhaoganjiaozou" to achieve sales target of


desire in the consumption of the festival, to better attract the attention of consumers and seize their money? Especially, how to effectively control his promotion costs, maximize the use of available in the network to find their own tools to help target consumers? Chinese has a habit, the holidays are a gift, if you the website is the product class, you can give your users a small new year gift. If your site is doing MMS, for all users to send a MMS, may also get a good return. If your site is set up shop, engage in a number of promotions will have a good effect oh.

1, look at what consumers search in

is good at using the search engine keyword analysis tools: look at what consumers like to search keywords, maybe you can help you find some, you are thinking of inertia to ignore the wonderful business opportunities.

2, to understand the consumer hot spots

uses search engine analysis tools to see where you are, what is the most popular search term in the new year, and you can see if consumers are paying more attention to your competitors.

3, know your target consumer

using Google advertising media planning tool, input your web site, not only can see your site traffic, but also know who visit your site from where, and probably were classified according to age and sex.



Google advertising media planning tool, you can find other website target consumers often visit, for you, the advertising on the site, other than just what website, certainly more effective.

5, looking for a new selling point

a new Google keyword advertising series, for your holiday promotion to attract some consumers to the new advertising language. You have to understand the consumer hot spots and in-depth understanding of the target consumer, this work must not be difficult to complete.

6, these fun gadget

through practice, constant Testing >

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