novel station promotion -Seo combat and website promotion experience sharing!

today said the following


station site location

2: open station and do SEO primary optimization

3: how to promote. How to get a more loyal user

4:SEO 2 optimization

5: successfully running

A. is the first site positioning

in general is to do dumpster (IP in 3000-10000) and their hobbies do not have much relationship to Baidu to find a few hot keywords. It is best to find some lasting points, such as: MP3
| music novels etc.. Find a program can start. There are a lot of lessons about website positioning. I won’t say much)

B. station and do SEO primary optimization

I follow the example of the specific example of the next station.

(1) site name and website theme

The name of the

site is best to use intelligent ABC directly out of the name to remove the special meaning, and now it is still a lot of smart ABC. The name should be simple and easy to remember a certain meaning. Convenient for visitors to find the second engine, followed by visitors to consider the resolution of the proposed site with 800*600 resolution, website style design. The best color on a white background, font is black, to highlight the theme of the site, the station can not do too much garbage garbage. Cannot open your station what can not find dozens of pop, full screen advertising, advertising to do, but not many. Can not affect the normal browsing, open the site later, the theme is clear, there are certain specific, content, can attract the purpose of entering each visitor

(2) open the initial stage of the SEO primary optimization example

general website examples are as follows: the following is a reference fragment:

page title

page keyword

web page description

web page copyright

now generally have variable

< {a}> we use it to represent the site’s name

< {b}> we use him to represent the title of the article

< {c}> we use him to represent the author

example: the above can be free to pay attention to control the number of. Not too many repetitions can be added to some of the variables that are automatically judged. Such as if else,

and then open your home page code or call the touch version in the program code or touch the version to write >

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