how to quickly improve website traffic and Google PR value? How to improve the shop, blog and BBS popularity of


to improve the site IP traffic role:

(1) to improve IP traffic is to enhance the search rankings.

(2) to improve IP traffic is to enhance the search engine keyword weight.

(3) to improve the IP traffic is Alexa ranking upgrade.

(4) to enhance the flow of IP is to improve the popularity of the site.

independent IP traffic benefits:

(1) to save money, save Baidu, Google high PPC costs.

(2) eliminates the time to post ads everywhere.

(3) save QQ posting advertising time.

(4) eliminates the need to study SEO cost optimization sites for time and expense.

IP Chinese first net of the country’s largest supplier of real traffic (, with a professional, efficient and pragmatic business philosophy, has brought to many websites not only web traffic surge, and brought substantial advertising revenue for the site


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