blog (Blog) English name is Web log, Chinese on the web log, and later abbreviated to Blog, and Blogger is the person who wrote Blog. Guangyi speaking, a network notebook is to record their life, work, knowledge, ideas. Started in 1997, and now have 11 years of history, the extensive use of Blog, the current is about Seoer Xiyuan Blog promotion experience steps, I blog is the purpose of the work experience of free sharing to everyone, I hope you to support this blog.

is currently using the Blog station has tens of millions of friends, some celebrity blog traffic almost 200 million, how to make your Blog from creation to concern, increased traffic, I would to you slowly to create blog site promotion method.

first step, select the domain name

create your own blog, in order to long-term promotion to a creative name, can be their own name Quanpin, abbreviation, name, nicknames, like establish their own brand, to have meaning, loud and clear and easy, as far as possible to facilitate visitors to the short memory and word of mouth.

second step, blog space

want to open the blog, must choose stable server space, to choose a stable, high safety, speed and smooth, good reputation, the strength of the server business, although the price is possible with traditional server on the price a little gap, but the crowd and the visitors to the blog after the search engine grab information, is worth to do.

third step, select the program

At present, there are many online

blog system open source, eliminating the trouble code development program, the higher the blog system mainstream are Z-blog and WordPress, compared to Z-blog is our domestic development, the station generates static, design standards, many websites plug-in, there are many free templates available for free download, love by domestic BLOGER.

fourth step, blog positioning

you are confirmed by the blog to record your life or work, and this is very important, which is different from the later anti blog of people ask you what, write your blog, build your own brand image. Positioning is accurate or not will directly affect the future development of the blog space and access to the crowd, that is, to understand that your article is mainly to see who, so it is necessary to think twice.

fifth step, the content is king

after the above steps, your blog is officially settled down, the following began to improve your blog, add content. Quality content is a magic weapon to keep visitors, you are to write vivid, or professional, or content or depth and so on, depending on your level, quality content, is the key to traction visitors, if you write well, write the essence, is not afraid of deep alley. You can network >

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