Google good search and ease of use has been welcomed by the majority of users, but in addition to our regular use of Google sites, images and forums search, it has a lot of other search functions. If we can make full use of it, will bring greater convenience (Note: these new Goolge search function is not found on the Google’s home page, you must enter the URL to the browser).

news search

as shown in Figure 1, Google news all day long 24 hours system constantly updating, and in the more than 4 thousand and 500 world news website carefully selected the latest information, as long as you log on to the website, you can hear the different sounds in the same news event, understand the problem will be more comprehensive and more authoritative. If you are interested in a news item, click on the link to jump to the appropriate source page. If you want to search for news, you can also enter keywords search, Google will give you a satisfactory search results. But it is a pity that, as the Google family in the new heavyweight members, the current news search does not support chinese.


shopping search


, as shown in Figure 2, Froogle is quite similar to the spelling of Google, but here it refers to the shopping search. If you want to consult the information of a certain kind of goods, no need to inquire about the price, now directly through the shopping search can be more than three. Although Froogle does not support Chinese search, but you can also see on a commodity picture, grade, performance and some text, but also know the world commodity price, at least to predict the item price trend, will be helpful for their shopping.

University search

as shown in Figure 3, if you are very concerned about education or preparing to go abroad to study, must want to get some of the world’s universities, University search can be used at this time. College search includes Web site content of thousands of universities around the world, if you want a specific search, click on a link and then enter the University, you want to get the information you want to find the university information glance, including curriculum, students information and so on everything. However, it should be noted that the University search currently includes only North America and Europe and other universities.


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