Many webmaster friends think Title

website optimization is not very simple? Is the keywords in the title of the company product and brand keywords on the company? Is it really so simple? That is optimized according to my experience, the Title Optimization is an important core factor of website optimization is good. Title Optimization directly can lead to a website optimization is good or bad, why do I say


first: the importance of Title Optimization:

1) we imagine, if a site in the early without certain weight case, the title is placed inside the many key words, it is not will lead to our core keywords ranking time? Because of the number of keywords is more, so the weight of the website more dispersed, so it is not conducive to the core keywords faster access ranking.

2) many new webmaster friends to make many key words for ranking, they tend to set up many of the key words, then perhaps it will be the search engines that cheating, which leads to the new station is difficult to be included, or some of the old station will also lead to drop right may.

3) if the title of a web site set, there is no real title to think: we did meet the needs of users? If you do not meet the needs of users, and how users will click on our website? How can our website to get good rankings


4) finally talk about: I found many webmaster friends when setting the title, the title of the site home page and inside pages are all the same, it is not the cause of the high similarity website? Then lead to the weight of the website scattered, is not conducive to the contents of the collection,


so that the title and website optimization is not so simple, so say so much, the title of the site in the end how to optimize? Please do not worry, I will give you a detailed talk about how to optimize the title:

second: Website Title Optimization core technology

1) to set the number of control of the title, also spoke in front of a railway station, no more weight, more is not conducive to setting keywords, keywords ranking, will extend the time of the rankings, then set the number of keywords is good? That it is best to control the railway station 1-3 keywords


2) to choose the key word is to be difficult, easy, that is to say the difficulty of setting the key word is not too big, otherwise the competition is very big, so the optimization of time is very long.

3) the choice of keywords to flow, the conversion rate, we optimize the website is the hope that through the keywords to get traffic and to obtain a certain conversion rate, if the words flow selection is very small, in the conversion rate and precision, so the key is not any value, we optimize the time wasted the cost of


4) finally talk about: we set the title, we must go to the analysis of the industry

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