NetEase quickly overtook Baidu and Google’s killer

NetEase launched Youdao search, Ding Lei set his ambition, three years to become a leader. I have to offer a policy, discipline of Baidu and Google victors.

Ding Lei’s ambition to compete for the search market It goes without saying that, but, can not have the idea of light, but also real practice.

practice, the first, improve product quality of service, second, promotion.

I would have said, now the search engine is the homogenization of competition, similar. So to go beyond the opponent, only in the promotion of the work.

think that Baidu with tens of thousands of personal website fortune, now Youdao can also be implemented to inferior selection ism.

Baidu’s former site alliance law is effective, but the flow is from individual stations directly to the Baidu site. If the individual webmaster have become smart, will not give the search engine to do the wedding clothes. But what if we change our minds?

the author integrates content alliance resources, according to my experience, offer a policy. The idea is this: take the current content alliance approach.

specific practices:


construction search alliance, personal webmaster can bind the domain name to a NetEase, and can be placed on a code page ".

is so simple.

NetEase to provide content, webmaster domain name.

to do so, the webmaster will be happy. Because Internet access is still personal webmaster domain name, for example http://s.4399.xxx.com/, but the content is a NetEase, as a result, the NetEase will have unnoticed occupied the search engine market.

comprehensive value of the interests of the owners analysis:

1 enriched the content of personal website.

2 webmaster using the domain name of the remaining value.

3 easy to build a search channel owners, but also the opportunity to become a flow output.

4 a large number of idle domain has been useless.

5 good content, of course, to attract users, with the possibility of obtaining revenue.

6 everybody’s own research.

NetEase comprehensive value analysis:

1 pay is tiny, the harvest is great. Provides a API interface that can bind to a domain name.

2 win over countless personal Adsense users. Personal webmaster is the most fanatical part of the Internet users, he stood with the search channel, then, naturally will not use Baidu and google. Hundreds of thousands of search users easily hand.

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