recently red "Gangnam style" has been pushing for the worship of "World Music", in the face of "Gangnam Style" craze, up to more than and 70 years old, children at the age of 3 to HOLD is also difficult to live. Of course, now when I write this article, this song is also around the ear. Now turn around and re reason again, analysis of why the song will soon be a string of red, detonated global style".

we put aside the song, from the point of view of marketing speculation to analyze the Korean song do.

N times to watch "found Jiangnan style" in the MV, repeated RAP lyrics, rhythm cheerful music rhythm, simple, even a vulgar dance, clown style singer.

go back a few years ago, "NOBODY" is also popular in the world, the beautiful young girl, fresh and lovely smile, plus rhythm cheerful music rhythm, simple dance movements, easy to learn the lyrics, the song is the soul.

then look at some time ago in the heat transfer across the country the most unusual folk style, also has the characteristics of Jiangnan Style ": repeated RAP lyrics, rhythm cheerful music rhythm, with beautiful cars, is not lost in the" Jiangnan Style "or" NOBODY ", but not long red disappeared.

I think, "Gangnam Style": a vulgar dance and beauty with the clown is it. From a psychological point of view, no one is more or less a bit rebellious, but because of the reality of society, everyone with a mask, everyone will not dare to show their rebellious psychology. Just south of the Yangtze River Style, touched the hearts of the people the most soft place, by the song to his rebellious, I really show. The "NOBODY" is by virtue of: beautiful young girl combination, fresh and lovely smile, easy to learn dance moves all the way up.

market demand for full understanding of human nature, in order to successfully promote the product to every corner of the world.

we come from the song’s popular route to analyze:

1:7 15, issued by the network, Gangnam Style, in the single MV at the beginning of the release, it will be Park loaded team officalpsy uploaded to the youtube.

2: in the first place, even in South Korea is not as hot as it is now, in a South Korean music charts and even did not enter the top three.

3: but the song was released by the South Korean GomTV in its StarCraft 2 league GSL and GSTL began to play, after the European and American star player known and widely publicized 2.

4:7 28 on after the final of the StarCraft team league rally and

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