precision marketing in the end how reliable?


"big data" is coming, we are on the precision marketing "talk", according to a statistics that big treasure, cup of love to buy online shopping expensive underwear, a tiny circle of friends, advertising pricing to the city as an important basis for key city, price to be higher, such as directional to cosmetics female advertising "price" more……

in all things are data in the era of precision marketing and how reliable?

data may be equivalent to the wisdom of orientation, but the program can not bring the ideal value

for the extensive collection of information, data, and all sorts of data to control users, is a too idealistic marketing state, we try to use the massive user data science seriously, in order to standardize a criterion, to achieve the ultimate goal of precision marketing.

we use a treasure for example, a large cup of love to buy expensive underwear "looked like a terrible news, but secretly cater to my" secular vision in people’s hearts "(you know), from the online shopping population attributes speaking, the heart is the most difficult to control components. I want to be in a treasure to buy today, tomorrow want to go to a line of personal experience, or simply think of the clothes at this time changed, leisure time turned up a treasure…… Big data can really from the original there is no law of mass information summed up a seemingly true formula?

take a micro case, different regions, different gender, different preferences, we may be able to obtain this age will be more like some items, but also relates to the advertising time, equipment and so on external factors, large data accurate advertising given exactly how much value


this is a "natural and egg" story, if estimates of big data and delivery, and can not bring more marketing value to us, we really can say that big data how many advantages over traditional

advertising?The so-called

with large data precision marketing oriented, practical is to identify the commonness from the past all sorts of uncontrollable factors in the transaction, in order for future users more agnostic, finally realize the purpose of marketing combination, if you find the editors favorite book order volumes, concludes that the company is love reading the same with many uncontrollable historical transaction case analysis of a general law, can be used as a reference of the future of marketing, seem to feel less reliable.

so, precision marketing is not entirely unnecessary to do? In a pile of uncontrollable factors, we always seem to find some similarities, or just a very little of the trend, the real algorithm is not the users purchase information converted into a formula, but carefully distinguish those more users for the reliable, with shopping, a treasure in a circle of friends that go to Maldives (actually in the mountains to steal situation to determine the precise Vegetable & Fruit) > a user

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