is now in the computer room to the students in class, tired, I want the students to practice their own, the room is a little noisy, no way, by this time to sum up this year to do more than the experience of the page.
      do it for more than a year, and soon before the end of the day IP broke through the 1W, it is inevitable that there are a few excited, a few regrets.
      a lot of people know that I was doing it four years ago, the source code, a source code download station, was still a little bit of fame in the webmaster circles. 05 years, I suddenly found that the source code to download too many stations, China’s individual stations to follow the trend is very serious.
      this time, I began to think that I should do something in the second half of 05, I found that personal station source code has to do is download, template, do a tutorial, do a website, IT portal has a lot to do but, do a little webmaster portal, said no, I decided to do the webmaster portal.
      at the beginning, I intend to be a source at the station, and a webmaster portal, then I found that it is very difficult, after all, personal ability is limited, I think that many people should be willing to give up, because to give up a better development. At the same time, the result of catching two rabbits is that you can’t catch one.
      I personally think: China’s webmaster really many!! I now have hundreds of people on the QQ, and all the webmaster, these are in fact the source of my site.
      talk about a few individuals to do stand opinion, do not want to say.
      1: website to be updated frequently, to have its own characteristics, not entirely to a COPY station.
      2: website access to fast, not soon lose a lot of customers, my biggest drawback is that a single, many people visit not how fast, if a little faster, I believe that the day 1WIP/ arrived early. So be sure to choose a good host, the best three lines.
      3: search optimization is very important, learn more SEO.
      4: the interactive website is very important to build one or several of their own website to support your QQ group, friends of the station came in, and the group of friends in the chat cooked, they will give you a free publicity.
      5: do not regard themselves as a big webmaster, even if you really are a big webmaster, treat people to be modest. I have lost in this area, probably because I am a big character

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