years ago, a song "love spell to win" let popular singer Ye Qitian and won the "Taiwan on both sides of the Changjiang River, King" of reputation. Indeed, as a standard of inspiring song, this song really touched many emotional blooming young people heart. Also, as the lyrics to sing, "three days to be doomed, seven points by hard work," for those who have ideals, as long as there is a dream will not lose.

entrepreneurship is also so. The management system of the founder and CEO Li Wei in the team members about their entrepreneurial experience called "entrepreneurship is an arduous and tortuous process of network marketing well-known cloud claw analysis, no one up will be successful, but no matter what kind of difficulties, must first learn to believe in yourself, believe in dreams, so as to motivate yourself a step by step to success, only believe that in order to achieve. "As a start at the university dream family, Li Wei with fearless attitude completed a severe test, but after numerous failures and overthrow, established at technology company again in 2012, to provide Internet marketing management tools for the enterprise, and launched a beyounger software and cloud claw analysis of network marketing management system two flagship products, unlike other software developers at science and technology to build is to bring long-term economic benefits to the enterprise’s cutting-edge products.


cloud claw CTO entrepreneurial starting point is the University of Benny, from government software to digital map products to smart home products…… A failure of the experience, let Benny understand, want to come up with a real help to the enterprise of Internet technology to gain a foothold in the fierce market Jinlie software.


Li Wei and her partner’s entrepreneurial journey continues, 2011, science and technology at the initial team with an angel customers, he is very interested in the form of marketing software products, but also puts forward some problems in the course of the software and the direction needs to be improved, in order to achieve the requirements of users with Li Wei angel the other founders, in a time of continuous exploration in the overthrow of experience again, finally completed all the needs of users of the angel, which also like successful stride a step forward, on-line in 2012 focused on the socialization of word-of-mouth marketing beyounger software software, since the line so far, more than 10000 business users have accumulated.

wind sail the first domestic one-stop network marketing management and analysis platform

draw on the successful experience of Boyang software, in order to meet the needs of social marketing more and more enterprises and users, but also to develop the network market better, Li Wei and his team for nearly two years, again for the major R & D analysis platform one-stop marketing management leading cloud processing system based on the cloud claw analysis of network marketing management system, help.

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