Yang Fan engaged in site planning for so many years, yesterday and a foreign website planning friends when we chat, it referred to the website, he said he thinks that there are two kinds of website Chaozuo best way is a two event touted celebrity Chaozuo, these are all need some fine planning to complete today. Yang Fan and everyone is talking about our discussion of the results and my own summary of some celebrity – site planning of Chaozuo.

put a wide variety of " celebrity " as the sun, by their light shine.

1 please academic " celebrity "

using the " " fame and celebrity;; gather the eye’s ability to cover in the enterprise website as ball head, a website for their own publicity is the conventional means of.

campaignFor example,

please a celebrity as a consultant, a little more image as a decorative facade signs, the famous general is a leader in the industry or the field of absolute expert, has even prestige in the international arena, the first page of the news of the name appeared in large website title in this, whether it is sound, it seems, blowing up, " " can be a website for their own strong power and prestige, Hanaga Shike, to prove your strength.

2 find a business " famous "

celebrity company’s flagship product PDA, in fact, is the main consumer groups are busy business people, its best outstanding representatives, than the business owners.

then celebrities will own PDA and successful business people bound together in many commercial media, the introduction of different business celebrities, of course, did not forget to tell readers that they are using celebrity company which product.

3 with an entertainment star

with a performing arts star as a spokesperson or image ambassador, who is the most red who use.

in the development of China’s network today, celebrity endorsements or a few sites, but in the United States is no longer the usual.

and the Chinese Chaozuo planning, although not related websites, but perhaps what can you think of in which it is also can ask a celebrity as deputy head of the like, in order to promote local economic development. The local government in Mengcheng is well planned and inviting, took office. Only when the legitimacy of cattle the county magistrate, let the trap media mad copied for a while, Mengcheng County by " bovine " pin " bovine " planning, let everyone aware of the existence of its.

of course planning Chaozuo " " or " celebrity; celebrity " please do the spokesperson for your website, is to consider the related cost and risk.

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