a lot of people talking about entrepreneurship, will talk about emotional intelligence, potential discourse, the basic will be high emotional intelligence as a prerequisite for entrepreneurial success. This is why high EQ is the key to the success of entrepreneurship



this week to brush the entrepreneurial circle of articles, probably Cheng Binghao’s eight years of fun. A lot of people are saying that this is the best article to see the recent venture. We might as well look for a look.

in this article, Cheng Binghao said that although he had founded the company now has an annual profit of tens of millions, but indeed from 09 years to see the "best possible" from. He thought about the problem from a personal and business point of view. But today we do not want to discuss the success and failure of Cheng Binghao, after all, success and failure, can have a lot of perspective, and we as an outsider, is not necessarily a A bystander is always clear-minded.

today we’re going to talk about emotional intelligence".

when it comes to individuals, Cheng said: "

I am very low EQ, do not like to cooperate, prefer to complete control of a thing, do not like to negotiate, do not like to participate in a variety of meetings, perhaps I was mild social phobia patients.

we see that a lot of entrepreneurs talk about entrepreneurship, it will talk about emotional intelligence, potential discourse, they are basically high emotional intelligence as a prerequisite for entrepreneurial success.

why is it that high EQ is really the key to successful entrepreneurship

first, what is the first EQ

EQ concept is developed by the famous psychologist Daniel · Goleman. As a psychologist, he published the book "emotional intelligence" in 1995, and put forward the proposition that "emotional intelligence is the most important survival ability of human beings". This view quickly set off a global wave, while the word EQ has gradually become a successful discussion gene required.

"if you don’t have emotional control ability, if you do not have the sense of self, if you cannot manage your depression, if you have no sympathy, unable to establish effective relationships, then no matter how clever you are, you will not go far away. "

Goleman’s point of view has aroused concern, the most important reason is that his emotional quotient and business success together. His view is:

1, high EQ employees have self-awareness, to better understand colleagues, to complete the task on time.

2, high emotional intelligence employees will not be plagued by criticism, they will continue to focus on the results, and will not feel humiliated offense.

3, when recruiting candidates, when the candidate’s IQ is equal to the two, the highly emotional candidate is a better choice.

modern psychology definition of EQ is:


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