A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) October 8th news, WeChat recently launched a new version of the 6, the new version of WeChat to increase the small video, WeChat card package, WeChat wallet gesture password, while the game center page revision. One of the small video features caused great concern to the user, but this feature is not very fresh.


new version of the main features of WeChat small video, users can chat in the environment or circle of friends for a period of up to 6 seconds short video. Small video WeChat function similar to the second shot, microscopic and other short video shooting function, time limit of 6 seconds, but different from the United States to shoot short video and no filters, templates, music and other accompanying landscaping features, only for the purpose of information dissemination. WeChat official explanation is true, it is worth bearing in mind that the circle of friends to share the real life, sharing the original world of your eyes, is our original intention. In addition, do not add filters and background music can make transmission more efficient. However, we are also trying to meet the needs of young people, as well as literature and art uncle aunt, brother and sister, the future is more worth looking forward to.

for users Tucao WeChat 6 on the video, traffic is not enough to use." WeChat official introduction, the chat sent in each small video is about 2 friends circle image size, the circle of friends to send a small video about equal to the size of the picture to find 3. If you do not want to play the video automatically, you can also set off.

many people are wondering why there is a microscopic also launched in the small video? This is not in the grab users? In fact it seems small and micro WeChat video is quite different. WeChat is just a small video for shooting video in WeChat tools, and the need to build social micro system, small video WeChat from the beginning of WeChat’s social system can use. Even if it’s 6 seconds, that’s the science experiment. In order to make Harry Potter’s "magic newspaper" has become a reality, we must reduce the traffic pressure and playing the psychological pressure, we conducted a half year experience test officially released in small video before, that is the most suitable for the length of 6 seconds.


6 edition of the first screen in the picture, the WeChat team wrote the video era, the four words. So WeChat video is currently in China, the application of the short video is not warm and open the video era, or let us wait and see!

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