eightieth Oscar yesterday ended, and the previous Oscar awards, the scenery is still the director, regardless of any awards honoree thanks to director office. Because, indeed, the ultimate success or failure of a film depends largely on the director’s role. In the Internet field, the head of a website, whether it is the Internet giant big or small webmaster, I think its role should be the role of the director. However, we carefully look at the site of the head, for the role of understanding is not very clear.

, director of the type

There are many types of

director, director of the social status often comes from two aspects, one is the box office, is a prize, and some commercial film director and art film director of the points, but this limit is not entirely good director can often be quite distinct from each other, all the success in the artistic achievement and the commercial market, the hugely popular.

and website, commercial film directors such as Zhang Yimou and Feng Xiaogang, they are very concerned about the interaction with the audience, know at what time to give users what stimulation, how to attract audience firmly in the seat 2 hours not tired, even afterwards also can continue to talk. The art directors tend to focus on what they want to express, do not care about the feedback of the audience, meet bosom friend will love, for the general public is lack of attraction. In an interview Feng Xiaogang said, 10 years, nine new year movies are very good, only "a sigh" is for their own, other videos are taken to the audience, he said, he was in the film to be a good idea to every detail of how to arouse the audience’s emotions and he knew how people will step by step into his set scene. Jia Zhangke Wang Xiaoshuai and the art film director, they are often more concerned about the works to express their ideas, "my work is to look at the specific people, I do not care about the box office", this sentence and some webmaster said, "we are in a very meaningful thing, I do not care about the flow" is how similar ah.

two, director and webmaster

director to produce a good work, the need for all aspects of resources and management coordination capabilities and superior execution, this is the same as entrepreneurs. But a good director is always able to accurately grasp the user’s psychology, he knows the needs of the entire market, but also know how to interact with the user.

some directors can only make big, some directors, even a small cost can also make people like to see. The director knows where the money is, and the things that come out of it really make people feel that it’s worth the money. Similar cases such as QQ, spent a lot of money, but something really exhaustive, very delicate. While some directors can bring big investment, but the money is not a lot of work on the site itself did not promote the place, such as a lot of advertising to burn a lot of money VC Internet project.

also some of the director’s work is very practical, not for people’s attention and love, but perseverance and constantly improve the quality of the final, more and more popular.

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