Meizu doesn’t make money? "" fryer "WeChat short circle of friends, because of the recent A shares of Listed Companies in a telling holding investment announcement disclosed in the financial situation: Meizu Meizu technology in total assets for the year 2015 to 7 billion 225 million yuan, total liabilities 8 billion 893 million yuan, net assets of 1 billion 668 million yuan is negative; income 16 billion 801 million yuan, a net loss of 1 billion 38 million yuan; the first half of 2016 net loss of 304 million yuan.

in the charm of blue 5 media communication meeting, the main reason is the loss last year, Meizu vice president Li Nan is due to fixed investment, and the development of customer service channels, the first half of this year due to the loss is attributed to the problem of the supply chain. Li Nan also said, the second half of the situation is not bad, the full year Meizu may be from 1 billion of the loss to the real reversal of profitability." Nevertheless, the growth of sales and market share of the dual Meizu had to face the embarrassing headlines.

‘s Nobel prize for literature in recent years has been heavily referred to by the ·, Dylan, once said: "people rarely do what they believe is right, they do more convenient things, and then regret it."." From "small and beautiful" to "big", in the future one day, Meizu will regret it?

doesn’t want to be Chinese apple?

2009, Meizu M8 as the first big screen full touch screen smartphone market, MP3 started to make the mobile phone Meizu in the circle of fame. 2011, Meizu with M9 into the Android system. 2012 Meizu MX will pull up the transfer of the product, at the same time Meizu independent intellectual property rights of intelligent mobile phone operation and cloud service system of Flyme1.0 market.


products of excellent quality and innovation as well as the head of the Yellow chapter paranoid personality, then let Meizu do more than a mobile phone call — Chinese apple. It is the basis, before 2015, Meizu every September released a mobile phone in the water cube, to maintain their inherent rhythm and tonality. Even if it does not mention the function and operation, it is similar to apple.

Meizu always uphold the quality strategy, not the pursuit of quantity, we must make a product perfect." This is around 2011, when he was Meizu marketing director of Hua Hailiang, in an interview with the Chinese entrepreneur, a word, can be seen as a sign of Meizu small and beautiful character.

nail technology seems that this small and beautiful from Meizu MP3 period. When the apple iPod half of the world market with only attains 10% market share in China, Meizu for user demand for life and the portability of the two pain points of the product changes: one is the volume of the product will be reduced to 40× 82.5× 19mm; two is the use of 1 batteries of five power supply 35 hours. Products to become the crown, and for the year 1 billion of the Meizu added a sales.

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