changed the clothing, electronics, department stores and other goods retail, e-commerce continues to advance in the field of agriculture and other fields. Recently, the Yangcheng Evening News reporter from the Guangzhou international e-commerce exhibition held during the "China agricultural fresh electricity development forum was informed that the current domestic fresh electricity supplier has reached 4000, but due to high demand for logistics and supply chain of fresh electricity supplier, only 1% of 4000 profit. However, in the long run, fresh electricity supplier profit margins are very large, and even called the next real estate industry".

profits and losses equally eye-catching

fresh electricity supplier industry how the fire, from the 26 Japanese school hosted a forum on the remarkable. Sell seafood do business, selling lotus also do business…… The business school vice president and COO Li Zhiyin to the Yangcheng Evening News reporter said: "offers unlimited possibilities for agricultural Internet plus fresh electricity supplier, which is the electricity supplier industry is one of the few blue ocean market."

founder Chen Baifang said: "the rural agricultural business overall net is likely to be the next real estate." In addition to market space, said the industry is also a huge profit.

industry data show that in the fresh electricity supplier industry, seafood product gross margin in more than 50%, 20% common fruit, meat 20% to 30%. The specialty of fresh products is that consumers are willing to spend more money to buy rest assured." Industry experts pointed out.

but in sharp contrast with profits, but the vast majority of fresh electricity providers do not make money. Monitoring shows that business school, the 4000 fresh electricity supplier, only 1% profit, 7% losses, 88% slight deficit, 4% flat. Business school, said: fresh electricity supplier industry with distinct characteristics of the electricity supplier starting period, most still in the investment phase."

competitive core: supply chain and logistics

fresh electricity industry chain is very long, including planting, selection, sorting, packaging, logistics and marketing losses of six major sectors. Upstream quality and terminal distribution is the most difficult to solve the problem.

due to the low degree of standardization of fresh products, to ensure that the quality requirements of the electricity supplier has a high degree of control over the upstream. Self farm + cooperative farm model is a common choice for fresh electricity supplier. Upstream investment is very large".

distribution problem is more difficult to solve. Industry data show that the loss rate of fresh electricity supplier up to 10%. Currently, the third party logistics still can not meet the needs of fresh. Guangdong network association secretary general Huang Zirong told reporters: "the fresh industry required for cold chain logistics needs large investment, but also is not a short duration of time to complete the layout."

, however, the industry generally view is that short-term losses do not hinder the long-term prospects of fresh electricity supplier. I can not predict the turning point of profitability, but the industry is attractive enough, once the breakthrough, the development of unlimited." Huang Zirong said.


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