A5 (www.admin5.com) station network September 15th news, now online education in the end is red or blue ocean? Last weekend Jiayuan founder and 91 foreign teachers, the ladder network and that good network founder Gong Haiyan in micro-blog voice said, the second venture decided to shrink the front, focusing on 91 foreign networks.

retired from Jiayuan since 2013, Gong Haiyan first launched a focus on one English training 91 teachers network, by the end of 2013 and into the K12 (basic education schools), the introduction of free educational resources sharing ladder network.

July 2014, Gong Haiyan has not yet set a ladder to announce the need to do interactive live platform – the good network. Although Gong Haiyan claimed that the money is not a problem, but she was anxious to launch the good network, hoping to see the flow of family education, she still has a profit pressure. At the same time, in order to get rid of the heavy burden, 91 foreign teachers network was split, independent accounting financial self financing, no longer rely on the parent company transfusion.

now, ladder network layoffs, and that good network has announced the closure of its launch, the distance is only 2 months time. Gong Haiyan’s trip seems to teeter online education.

According to internal staff

ladder network said that Gong Haiyan is because see where the mass layoffs news, plus ladder network shop front is too long, and completely free of charge, to the scale of investment funds, so finally decided to reduce the front. According to Gong Haiyan mail revealed that as early as a few months ago, the ladder network spent the company’s financing, and Gong Haiyan has been using their own funds to maintain the company’s operation. Industry sources said that the focus will be moved to 91 foreign teachers, or the best choice.

a letter circulated on the Internet inside the letter issued by Gong Haiyan also confirmed the rumors of lack of money. In the letter Gong Haiyan said: "since I do poineering work the two times too optimistic aggressive front too, spent a few months ago that the company financing, I have been using their own funds to support the company operation. At present, the company’s front is not suitable for such a start-up company, I think we should shrink the front, focusing on projects that are likely to be."

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