Bianews reported on January 8th at 14 PM, cloud vulnerability reporting platform released a China Unicom security vulnerabilities.

these vulnerabilities will have a serious impact on the security of personal privacy in the case of active and passive.

one can use mobile phone users in China Unicom loopholes in the Internet Network (non WiFi), hackers can remotely detect you use mobile phone number, IMEI, IMSI, mobile phone type, geographic location and other sensitive information.

another loophole only need to know the target Unicom mobile phone number, you can get the detailed call records (mobile phone number, even the number of long) had used the social network account information (QQ, WeChat, micro-blog, etc.), and this vulnerability is a low leakage hole.

is now known to leak information points:

call records, SMS exchanges, social account information, network traffic information, geographical location. (this is to check the small three left backdoor?)

vulnerability has been reported to China Unicom CNCERT joint emergency treatment.

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