] June 13th news billion state power network, billion state power network that ctrip.com mobile client "Ctrip wireless" has recently been renamed "Ctrip", intends to do "big online travel client". The new version of Ctrip App integration of Ctrip’s other two client Ctrip Travel and Ctrip special hotel, and the hotel on the line to buy new features.

version of the new Ctrip client joined the hotel group

‘s new version of Ctrip App first synchronized to update its brand Logo, made a corresponding adjustment in the dolphin icon. Secondly, in terms of content and functionality, Ctrip said to build a mobile terminal one-stop travel platform.

billion state power network to understand, App version of Ctrip integration classification client Ctrip’s Ctrip Travel "and" special offer, including Ctrip hotel "train tickets, air tickets and hotel reservation, ticket booking, destination Raiders and a full set of functions.

in addition, according to Ctrip, the new version of the client will add the hotel group purchase channel, and support for online ticket back, change, train tickets and tickets to support online refund.

is reported that Ctrip has recently been constantly emphasizing the wireless side of the business assault. Ctrip CEO Liang Jianzhang also claimed to be a high profile in the next two years to allow Ctrip wireless booking volume accounted for the proportion of total bookings increased to 1/3. In order to stimulate the wireless side of the business, Ctrip wireless terminal to take more than 5 yuan back to the hotel, tickets, tickets and more back to $2, more than 1 times the number of mobile phone booking points, etc..

public information, as of March this year, Ctrip wireless products more than 30 million users, the contribution of the hotel booking accounted for more than 10%.

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