Google AdSense official blog published today in the Upcoming referrals changes article for the recommended Google AdSense referrals to make money is definitely a big bad news. Google AdSense recommended AdSense downline will make money in the end of January to support only live in North America, Latin America and Japan, and other regions of the webmaster in the beginning of February 2008 will not be recommended AdSense offline.

North America, Latin America and Japan to a $$100 reward


in February 2007 Simon Google AdSense and Google AdWords report recommended recommend more easy to earn, from the original AdSense line can get a reward of $$100 a phased $$5 to earn the first sum of US $$100 in 180 days (earn $$5) and $$250 (within 180 days, in addition to earn $100 dollars) a bonus of $$2000. Now the AdSense team from the official department pointed out that due to the lack of success in a will change back to the original line to earn $100 dollars in the first 180 days can receive a reward of $$100 at the end of January 2008, and only in North America, Latin America and Japanese website publishers can continue to enjoy Google AdSense referral, other areas in the website will not get AdSense referral reward. Dangdang Wangzhuan

Subsection reward

before the end of January 2008 all the recommended AdSesnse and $5 conversion is still in effect, $$250 dollars, if your downline by February to reach the threshold of $$100 unless you live in North America, Latin America and Japan, otherwise you will not receive any referral bonus, and live in North America, Latin America and Japan the webmaster will only receive referral $100. Now you can still see the recommended link on the AdSense offline in AdSense, but will be removed in February 2008.

other recommendations are still functioning properly


Google AdSense recommended to recommend this modification only AdSense offline recommended to make a change, such as Google AdWords, Firefox browser, Google Pack software and other non Google products are not affected. If you have noticed that Google AdWords is recommended that bonuses are overweight within 90 days of consumption of $$100 $$20 to pay your reward points into order $$5 and $$40 award in February 2007, but this is not recommended to adjust Google AdWor>

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