December 11th, the vertical car service website of the car home in the United States market and good performance. This allows people to see the huge potential of vertical sites.

actually, in sports, pets, photography, military, online education and other fields, there a number of low-key vertical sites, they have the following characteristics: first the general community forum form to attract users, low-key stealth for many years (many more than 10 years, the company is slow company). These sites are beginning to want to attract users by providing content (or information), and then on the basis of advertising revenue. But the discovery of content – marketing this big step is not easy to cross: early these vertical sites are not famous, traffic is not high, not easy to sell advertising. In the middle of them through a lot of exploration, such as the dog people nets, CSDN in order to survive, to do more backward form of traditional magazine.

after a long effort, finally they have accumulated a large user, also establishes a close relationship with the user, they realized the thinking and practice is very interesting: either through advertising (19 floor), either through events (tiger, Ding Xiangyuan), either through training (CSDN). Some by the electricity supplier (Tiexue), hoping to build a platform (Gou Min, George and Hujiang network)…… No matter how twists and turns, they finally put the content – user – relationship – marketing chain through.

now, I black horse network through the TOP 10 list one way to introduce these interesting vertical website. They have not yet listed, and they are like a car home, like the surface, perhaps will make everyone more surprised.

10, dog lovers home dog network


founder: Tang Yang

founded year: 2006

location: vertical community share dog dogs experience, making friends and buy dog service.


: * * *

future growth

development path: from the dog lovers forum to the vertical electricity supplier

The development of

: by the end of 2013, registered members of high quality dog people network has more than 100, the average PV of more than 2 million, every day there will be hundreds of thousands of members and to share the life of the dog. 2009 dog network raised $8 million in early 2013, the acquisition of network attack.

mode interpretation

dog network products by the forum, shopping mall, medical channels, "" Journal of a dog. Dog people Netcom online forum and the line "magazine" Mingquan precipitation and dog related information, to attract dog lovers, which can be used as a "dog" magazine advertising platform, the related products and services recommended to the user. Of course, "dog" magazine also helped.

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